About Us

Make Money with Solar Energy.

Transparent Solar Pricing

Our solar team is led by transparent and honest values. From the moment you call us to when your system goes live, we're committed to helping you find a system that's right for your needs at an affordable price point.

Save Money, while saving the planet.

Positive Change With Solar

We are determined to create a positive impact on families, communities, and the planet. Our mission is to deliver the best and most affordable solar grid energy services because people deserve safe and reliable energy that make their lives thrive.

Our Philosophy

We believe nothing is more important than your freedom and happiness. We started Solar Grids® because there's a huge problem in our country that no one is talking about...

No energy independence. We have gotten so used to our traditional energy grid system, that we haven't taken the chance to say, "Why do I keep paying for unreliable and expensive energy?"

Our team is dedicated to helping you find relief from unpredictable energy bills and unstable energy service by providing your family or place of business with PRIVATE and PERSONAL Solar Grids®.

We believe reliable and affordable energy shouldn't just be a privilege, it should be a given. Nothing is more important than your freedom and happiness.

Our Values

Transparent Pricing

Providing clear proposals is the key for customers to come to a decision about going solar. We offer transparent, honest, and clear solutions for renewable energy.

Excellent Customer Service

By going solar with us we will give you the best service possible by offering the best deal in the market and helping all customers become independent energy-wise.

Quality Installation

We take pride and diligence in our workmanship, so much that we have a 25-year warranty on each installation and provide post-install maintenance when needed.

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"Your Energy. Your Independence."

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"Your Energy. Your Independence."

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